ew – hello EP

Released in Mimi Records 1st November 2010.

We couldn’t previously know that ew’s universe is born, grows and reproduces itself under a bunch of fragile sounds that have been coming out from North Europe.But that inspiration is taken on sounds from Hello, his debut EP. However it doesn’t end in that point.

8 tracks, 26 minutes played with toys, glockenspiel, toypiano, melody harp, plingplong, and conventional instruments such as piano or violin, even popular ones such as the drum… Sounds are stretched to infinity, re-creating experimental and organic ambiences and landscapes inviting us to childhood memories and innocence. Alexandra Silva

01. nr1
02. wind in our ears
03. hello
04. kim rocks
05. mountain call
06. she makes a prayer
07. 1h43min.
08. call

Check it out in Mimi Records or directly in my Soundcloud.


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